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We are here for you!

We offer solutions to keep your loved ones cared for where they feel home.

We understand that as the challenges of our daily lives increase, so too does the stress of taking on the care of a loved one. For many families, staying home to care for a family member is not an option, yet, neither is leaving them alone without support. Silver Linings Home Care can provide a safe and valuable solution. We bring peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones! 

The difficulty it can be to meet a loved one’s every need is something we understand, especially when throwing life’s obligations and needs into the mix. Our team can support you by offering services when and where they are needed the most.

Activities of Daily Living
Activities of Daily Living

Whether a family is looking for a companion to spend time with their loved one or for an in-home aide to assist with daily living tasks, our team helps to ease your worries knowing your loved one can receive the support they require. Each caregiver works under the direction of a licensed clinician who creates a care plan based on each client's unique needs. Services include:

• Personal hygiene & care   • Companionship   • Transportation   • Errands

• Meal preparation   • Housekeeping   • Appointment escort   • Safety assurance   • & more

Respite Care

Long-term caregiving carries with it a fairly heavy physical, emotional, and economic burden. Primary caregivers for aging loved ones are prone to experiencing exhaustion, stress, depression and sickness. Health and well being need to be priorities for all caregivers, and getting a break from these responsibilities as needed is key.

Respite care is temporary in-home care of an aging loved one who is ill, handicapped or requires around the clock care, providing relief for the caregiver. They all allow the caregiver to take a break from the daily care routine and manage other responsibilities in their lives. 

Our care team will support our clients with basic daily needs, including dressing, bathing, simple chores, preparing meals, and other personal care. We do our best to ensure our clients look forward to our visits so their loved ones can be relieved of their guilt of stepping away for a period of time. Support can include:

•  Caregivers spending a few hours each day with your loved one.

•  One of our team members attending the home several times per week.

•  An occasional overnight, should you need to travel out of town.

•  Weekend visits for longer stays

Respite Care
Hospice Care

We provide care to all age groups during the final stages of life.​ Our team works ​to support those receiving hospice care. A nurse is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to give clients and their families support and care when it is needed.

As difficult as it is to shift focus from seeking a cure to choosing comfort care, studies have shown that patients enrolled in hospice services actually live longer with better symptom control and pain management than non-hospice patients. Silver Linings quality, compassionate care will be of great support to your family and will guide you through this transition.

Hospital-to-Home Rehabilitation

When a loved one is in the hospital, you trust the care they are receiving. But when they are discharged, how can you be sure they’ll receive the follow-up and rehabilitation care they need?

Leaving the hospital can be stressful, confusing, and feel rushed. Safely transitioning from the hospital to home, and ensuring they're getting the care they need and deserve, can speed up recovery and lower health care costs. Without the proper home care arrangements and professional recovery assistance, patients could be at risk of hospital readmission.

Our team supports clients and their loved ones through the transition back to their home. We assist with transitions, offer personal care services, support with meal preparation, and work with the family to prepare the home for safe movement. 

The care team will work with clients and their loved ones to ensure their hospital discharge plan is implemented correctly. Families will have peace of mind knowing that their loved one has the services and support they need when transitioning from the hospital back home.

Hospital to Home Rehab
Dementia & Alzheimers Care
Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

As a loved one of someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you shoulder a particularly heavy burden. Helping your loved one continue their typical daily routine is key to maintaining their quality of life, though this can be physically and emotionally challenging while fulfilling job duties or caring for other family members. You are not alone.

Whether you are looking for temporary respite assistance or a plan for ongoing support, our team can create a heart-centered care plan that fits the unique circumstances of your family. Our support services include:

• Personal hygiene & care   • Nutrition   • Perception & safety

• Family communication   • Recognition & orientation   • & more

Silver Linings Home Care is committed to providing the care that’s best for your loved one.

RN Evaluations
Appointment Based
Nurse giving woman an evaluation
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24/7 Care
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RN Evaluations

Each client is given an RN evaluation to determine the proper and best careplan for them and their families. Our RN visits the clients home, screens for various risk factors and red flags, and assesses the need for in-home care with a focus on providing a solution that supports the client to live independently at home for as long as possible.

Appointment Based Care

Home care is not only for long term planning, but can be for need-based situations on an irregular basis. This is particularly useful for the caregiver at home who may have an extenuating circumstance  that prevents them from caring for their loved one for a day, bringing them to an appointment, or preparing their meals.

24/7 Care

24-hour home care is an around-the-clock option for those who do not want to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home. 24-hour home care can include medical care provided by trained nurses to personal care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and companionship provided by caregivers.

Our caregivers can be on-site, helping your loved one with their personal care and day-to-day activities around the house.

Care services are not limited to these listings, as each client and situation is unique!

Please contact us if you are considering home care services of any kind for you or your loved one. We are happy to create a care plan that supports your unique needs.

Patient and Nurse

"Silver Linings Home Care was born out of a desire to provide care and to create a workplace I could be proud of. Direct care is immensely satisfying when working one on one with clients. This is where care is given from the heart! Even when working as an administrator, I know nothing brings it home like working with clients and families. In a caregiver role, I may not be able to change the situation, but I can offer support and give great care."​​​

- Tania Spear, RN and Owner of Silver Linings Home Care

In-Home Assessment

Our initial assessments are FREE! You will receive a comprehensive evaluation by a Registered Nurse or licensed clinician along with recommendations for solutions. 


A career in home care is a career in kindness, empathy, and support. It is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. We suport our team with ongoing education and are eager to hire the best candidates for our clients. Click below for our current openings.

Call us today to schedule a consultaion!

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